Carter's Webb Learning Center
    In 2006 Shannon Carter and Trisha Webb began working
together at Noah’s Ark Learning Center. Shannon started as an aide
in the Center’s 4 year old classroom as an after school job. Over the
years during her time at NALC she also worked as an Assistant and
Lead Teacher in the 2 year old and 4 year old classrooms. Trisha
started as an aide in the 3 year old classroom, and over the years
worked her way up to Lead Teacher. While working directly with
the children and acquiring a firsthand knowledge of pre-school
curriculum and implementation, Shannon and Trisha each realized a
passion for the Early Childhood Field, and began pursing degrees in
Education. In 2014 both Shannon and Trisha moved to management
positions, Shannon as a supervisor of staff while continuing to teach
in the classroom, and Trisha as Assistant Director. It was in these
years that a strong partnership was formed, always with an ultimate
goal of providing the very best quality childcare to the community.
In 2017, the owners of Noah’s Ark who were preparing for
retirement approached Shannon and Trisha about buying the
Center. Without hesitation, both women dove into the long process
of ownership. In 2018, Shannon and Trisha completed their
coursework for their degrees, and officially became Directors and
Owners of Carter’s Webb Learning Center!