Fresh Air Is Healthy!
Studies have shown, contrary to the common belief that "exposure
to cold air causes a cold," fresh air is good and healthy.  When
children and adults spend a long time together in indoor spaces,
germs and illnesses pass easily from one person to another through
sneezing and coughing, etc.  In fresh, outdoor air, children do not
have to re-breathe the germs of the group and the chance for
spreading infection is reduced.
Outdoor activities are important and just as necessary as our
indoor program.  Both are essential to the health,
education, and development of your child.  It’s a lot of fun, too!

If it's too wet we will not go outside.  On all other days, whenever
the weather is per State regulations, we will  go
outside.  Remember – if your child is well enough to come to
the center, he/she is well enough to go outside!  
Outdoor Play is Healthy!  Even In Winter!
Children of all ages enjoy and benefit from playing outdoors in all except
the MOST extreme weather.  Daily outdoor play is healthy and burns
energy.  It gives children an opportunity for a change in environment, a
balance in play and routine, and large muscle activities (gross-motor

Even children who are mildly ill but active should go
outside if the weather is not severe.  Staff and children alike will feel
refreshed when fresh air is part of the daily routine.  Taking children
outdoors daily, even in winter, can be a healthy part of their schedule and
is safe when clothing is appropriate.

The way we feel about cold, wet, or snowy weather and indoor
temperatures may be affected by where we live and what we are used to.  
Children living in colder climates tend to play outside in the winter more
than children living in warmer climates.  
Improves Indoor Air Quality
Germs causing disease multiply in warm, dark, damp environments, so it is
important to keep the environment clean and dry.  Adequate ventilation,
humidity and temperature control help us resist illness and increase our
ability to get well after sickness.  

Colds, sore throats, and other infections of the respiratory system are
common in cold weather and are usually caused by viruses. Child care
providers have the potential to improve the health of children in their care
by having children play for extended periods outdoors in the fresh air.  

Hand washing is the single MOST effective way to reduce the spread of
infection.  Please be aware that if your child comes to school, he/she will go
outside to play.
Carter's Webb Learning Center