An outreach to the community, providing
quality Christian childcare.

A quality Christian childcare center demonstrating the
relevancy of Christian Morals in every aspect of center life.
The young child absorbs the world through his senses and lives in imitation (role
playing) and imagination.  Children learn best by doing, and play is the serious work
of childhood.  At Carter's Webb Learning Center, children sing, paint and cook.  They
perform puppet shows, dress up, and transform blocks into ships and castles, houses
and trains.  Becoming fully engaged in imaginative play is the child’s best foundation
and preparation for learning.

Daily activities are open-ended so that each child may explore possibilities and
experiment with materials without adult determined models.  The activities are
teacher guided with child selection.  Verbal expression of thoughts and feelings is
encouraged during circle time, small groups, meal times and play times.  Children
play outdoors at least twice daily during the year on a mulched, fenced play yard with
outdoor equipment, including climbing structures,
bikes, swings, and sand play.

We believe children “learn by doing” and have set up an exciting indoor and outdoor
learning environment for children to explore.  Classrooms have learning centers with
materials that provide a wide range of experiences in all skill areas.  The goal of our
curriculum, which is based on the Maryland Model for School Readiness and
approved by the Maryland State Department of Education, encourages children to
develop socially, emotionally, physically,
intellectually, and spiritually.
Carter's Webb Learning Center